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UVBee™ by Bella Beek

Discover our innovative UVBee™ apparel, expertly crafted to protect you from stings and harmful UV rays.

UVBee™ by Bella Beek
Ivory colored beekeeping jacket without hood.
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UVBee™ Beekeeping Jacket

9 reviews
$134.00 $177.99
UVBee Beekeeping pants shown laid flat.
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UVBee™ Beekeeping Pants

3 reviews
$120.00 $158.99

A bee suit like no other

Our luxurious UVBee™ apparel is meticulously crafted with Aerosilver™ and ATB®-UV+, an advanced material that incorporates an impressive 99.9% antibacterial function for remarkable odor-reduction. The uniquely designed cross-sectional shape of Aerosilver fibers facilitates efficient sweat evaporation and rapid drying. It offers exceptional 99% UV protection by effectively blocking both UV-B (290~320nm) and UV-A (320~400nm) rays. Its extraordinary 4-way stretch properties ensure optimal comfort and safeguard you throughout the beekeeping season.


The only bee suit with UVA + UVB Protection

Discover the incredible sun protection capabilities of Aerosilver™ and ATB®-UV+. With its ability to shield against both UV-B rays (290~320nm) and UV-A rays (320~400nm), our suits are perfect for staying cool and protected during beekeeping activities.

Sting Protection

UVBee™ suits deliver outstanding performance, comfort, and defense against bee stings. They have successfully undergone rigorous field testing in both commercial and urban beekeeping settings.

The fabric used in our suits boasts a density and volume of 320 gsm (grams per square meter), making it highly resistant to skin penetrating bee stings so you can work your bees with confidence!

Our microscopic analysis shows the difference.

Play hard, stay fresh

Beekeeping might not always leave us smelling the best, but we embrace the challenge! We put in hard work and sweat our way to success. Our UVBee™ suits are designed with cutting-edge moisture-wicking, antibacterial technology ensuring that you and your suit stay fresher for longer!

Fair Trade manufacturing

Beekeeping is empowering - The manufacturing of our apparel should be, too.

Our suits are meticulously sewn in Nepal by skilled artisans who are proud members of the World Fair Trade Organization and the Freedom Business Alliance. Their dedication and expertise have been recognized with prestigious awards such as the Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence and the Common Objective Leadership Award.

By choosing our beekeeping suits, you can have complete confidence that your purchase upholds the highest social compliance and sustainability standards while also supporting the cause of freedom for survivors of exploitation. Moreover, our manufacturer in Nepal goes above and beyond these standards, actively working towards transforming lives.

This partnership creates a positive impact that you can truly be proud of!