Bella Beek owner Mandy Shaw sewing at her sewing machine.Female beekeeper wearing a bee veil holding a swarm catch.Female beekeeper wearing a veil standing by a warre beehive. Bella Beek Studio located in Oregon.

In 2015 Bella Beek founder was preparing to become a beekeeper. She was not very excited about the bee suits available on the market. They all looked the same! With a practice as sacred as beekeeping, she wanted something special to wear for her bees. Always an industrious creator, Mandy took to her fabric stash (and parts from her wedding dress!) and began designing a bee veil that was a reflection of her enthusiasm for bees and fashion. Within a year she had modified her designs and began receiving orders from other beekeepers who wanted something special. Each year that passed she continued developing both her practice as a beekeeper and her veil designs. Her devotion to making bee veils is an expression of the love that she has for beekeepers and their practice. 

Mandy lives in Oregon with her husband and 2 kids, a talking parakeet, a screaming cockatiel, a terrier, 4 chickens, and keeps around 20 bee colonies.

You can also check out her podcast, Beekeeper Confidential here.