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Hi, I'm Mandy!

I started making beekeeping veils in 2016. I have always enjoyed fashion design and being creative. This business is a perfect marriage of my love for beekeeping and unique apparel design.

I keep several hives in my backyard alongside of my creative studio, and several more at local farms.

Beekeeping has been such a joy in my life and I feel blessed to be able to produce products that my fellow beekeepers can use in their practice!

Happy Beekeeping!


Have you heard my podcast?

Join me and dozens of interesting beekeepers, authors, and scientists as we explore how working with bees impacts our lives. Beekeeper Confidential is a self-produced podcast that has been running since 2018.

Cool Sticker!

I actually get a kick out of driving with bees in my car, but I often wonder if other drivers even know. I designed this sticker to alert other drivers that I've got bees on board!

Check out this sweet hat!

I wanted a hat that really let me express my super bee nerdiness, and what I created is the Bee Blitz Cap. This fair trade, limited edition cap is made with 100% recycled polyester.