Bella Beek was founded by an urban beekeeper.

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Beekeeper Confidential Podcast

Join host Mandy Shaw as she interviews beekeepers, scientists, and authors in the bee world.

Pollination Podcast

The intense interest in beekeeping has created a new wave of beekeeping businesses. In this episode we hear about how these businesses are meeting the needs of a new generation of beekeepers. 

Bees in the city? YOU BET! Mandy shows Kara Mack of KATU's Afternoon Live all about rooftop beekeeping in Portland's Eastside Industrial District. 

The World and Everything in It

WORLD Radio’s Sarah Schweinsberg spent the day with an urban apiarist in Portland, Oregon, who’s trying to build a buzz about bees. 


National Geographic | Short Film Showcase

Got bees? Meet an urban beekeeper up for the challenge!


When BuzzFeed asked how people can live a more bee friendly life. Hint: you don't have to be a beekeeper!


Native bees, honey bees, and their fascinating lives! This episode of Ologies has it all. Join host Alie Ward and Mandy Shaw for Melittology