Beekeeping Veil - Oasis (2 styles available)


Our veils offer superior visibility and sun protection and are made with high quality materials meant to work as hard as you and your bees! Each veil is made by hand in small batches in Portland, OR. 

We offer this print in 2 different styles, tie front and drawstring closure.

Materials: 100% cotton fabric, fiberglass screening, UPF 50+straw hat with screened ventilation holes and matching fabric band.

Great for: Hot weather beekeeping, apiary tours, photo shoots, media promotions, special occasion beekeeping, swarm catching, also durable enough for everyday bee work.

Versatile: Can be worn with a traditional bee suit (over or under), over or under overalls, over or under a jacket, or over a shirt. 

Sizing: Hat is adjustable up to 57cm. S/M is adjustable up to 36” bust line. L/XL is adjustable up to a 44” bust line. If you do not see your size here, please contact us at to schedule a virtual fitting.

How to wear: Nobody wants bees in their bonnet! To keep curious bees from crawling into your veil, make sure that the fabric sits snugly over the tops of your shoulders (not down the sides), then use the adjustable drawstring to tighten the bodice. 

Disclaimer: When worn correctly our veils offer great protection, however our veils do not offer 100% bee tight coverage like a full bee suit would. Use your best judgement for how much protective equipment you need to wear depending on the temperament of your bees. 

***Made to order, ships within 2 weeks***